1- A 2nd family

This may sound obvious, but you really want families who act like a family.
• They eat dinner together around a table-not in front of the television and not all at different times.
• They engage in conversation- They may not always agree, but they do listen to one another.
• They spend evenings and weekends together and understand the value of “family time”.

2- Know that safety and
security come first

A good host family understands that it is
their responsibility to keep the student
they’re hosting safe and secure.
• They set reasonable rules to help keep
the student safe
• This may include things like a curfew
checking in with a host parent during late
excursions with friends
• Advice on safety in the local area such as
avoiding certain areas of town.

3- Include the student in family life
– Our host family thinks of their home stay student as part of the family.

They include the student in dinner conversations, family outings and activities.